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We were all teenagers at one time. An amazing time of bold ideas, high hopes, and a fun holiday. But this is no longer the carefree age in which you feel parental care and warmth next to you, without thinking about anything. Adolescence, as a definition, is a kind of bridge built by nature - the transition from childhood to adulthood.

And being on such a short bridge, you begin to realize who you are, what you were created for and where your path can lead. Then signs of responsibility arise, an understanding of the foundations of society and their place in it. But be that as it may, this is still an amazing period in the life of every person.

Life is a harsh reality, and time is changeable and now very many young people of the youngest years do not have a roof over their heads. Many are forced to wander, steal in order to feed themselves. People have a negative attitude towards wandering teenagers, believing that they are joining the army of criminals, but is it their fault that they became that way? Often society judges unfairly, without thinking, but whether it behaves correctly in relation to adolescent personalities.

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List of youth films about adolescents.

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